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Thailand’s tourism stays on hold

While Thailand continues to have a good record on containing the Covid-19 situation, we enter October with no sure signs of immigration opening for tourists just yet.

September saw one additional death attributed to the virus here in Thailand, bringing total deaths to 59 (yes, that’s just 59 since the outbreak started), while total recorded infections are 3,506 and total recoveries 3,342.

There has been talk of the government creating “travel bubbles” to help kickstart the return of tourism, but those bubbles seem to burst as soon as increased infections in Europe and the US hit the news.

While we can’t wait to start touring again, DART Asia fully respect the difficult decisions made by the Thai authorities. Local feeling here in Thailand is that the country’s borders will probably remain closed to tourism until the end of the year, but we’ll continue to keep you updated.

Data source 22-09-20:



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