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Seat height:

STD 875 mm (34,4in)

Low: 865 mm (34in)

Dry weight: 202 kg (445lbs)

Bikes: 12

DART Asia Tours-Ducati-Scrambler Desert Sled.jpg

Scrambler Desert Sled

Seat height:

STD 860 mm (33,9 in)

Low: 840 mm (33in)

Dry weight: 193 kg (425,5lb)

Bikes: 8

DART Asia Tours-Ducati-Multistrada 950.jpg

Multistrada 950

Seat height:

STD 840 mm (33,1in)

Low: 820 mm (32,3in)

Dry weight: 205.7 kg (453,5lbs)

Bikes: 12

DART Asia Tours-Ducati-Multistrada 1200 Enduro.jpg

Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Seat height: 

STD 870 mm (34,2in)

Dry weight: 225 kg (496lbs)

Bikes: 1

DART Asia Tours-Ducati- Scrambler Icon 800.jpg

Scrambler Icon 800

Seat height:

STD 798 mm (31,4in)

Low: 778 mm (30,6in)

Dry weight: 173 kg (381,4lbs)

Bikes: 3

DART Asia Tours-Ducati-Scrambler Sport 1100.jpg

Scrambler Sport 1100

Seat height: 

STD 810 mm (31,9in)

Dry weight: 189 kg (417lbs)

Bikes: 6

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