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Ready for adventure? It begins at Ducati Chiang Mai...

There’s never been a better time to enter the world of adventure motorcycling... Ducati style. The iconic Italian brand, well known for its World Superbike and MotoGP action, has slowly crept up on the heels of BMW and KTM, and now stands proudly alongside them with very credible machines in the adventure segment.

If you were to liken the models in this segment to their SUV counterparts on four-wheels, the Ducati would definitely be the Porsche Cayenne. Not only because of its high performance, high-technology and racing heritage, but also because of its premium brand sophistication.

The Ducati Multistrada is now so perfected that it raises your game a rider, no matter how you want to ride. Ride slowly through town, short distance... no problem. Touring long distance with your partner, loaded up with luggage... no problem. Need to carry on riding even when the asphalt stops... no problem. Scratching with your friends through twisty mountain passes... no problem... even if they’re on Superbikes!

The reason this is possible is because the Multistrada is really 4-bikes-in-1. With its four riding modes of Touring, Sport, Urban and Enduro, the character of the Multistrada can be changed with just the click of a button. Change a riding mode and you change the presets for power, power delivery, suspension, traction control and ABS. With the press of a button you can even adjust the set-up of the bike according to whether you’re riding solo, with a passenger or with a passenger and luggage.

The larger Multistrada models even have Skyhook suspension, which uses a clever algorithm to provide a smoother ride on constantly bumpy roads and even Vehicle Hold Control for tricky hill starts. Add to all this cornering ABS and cornering lights and you’ll start to realise that Ducati’s “performance safety” is just as impressive as the bike’s styling. The Multistrada ranges from 950cc to 1260cc with versions from full street, through touring, to full enduro and they’re made here at Ducati’s state-of-the-art facility in Rayong, Thailand.

Ducati Chiang Mai is no stranger to adventure. Its owner, Kevin Merrell, is a life-long enduro and touring passionate and one side of his team’s operation in the northern provinces of Thailand is providing spectacular 9-day tours using their own fleet of DART Ducati Multistradas. In fact, the Chiang Mai region has become such a hot destination for motorcycle touring that many Thai-based “weekend riders” store their bikes at his “bike hotel” ready for them to fly to on any of the low-cost airlines that serve Chiang Mai, such as Air Asia, Thai Lion and Nok Air.

If you’re in the market for a 4-bikes-in-one Ducati Multistrada there are great offers to be had at Ducati Chiang Mai, possibly the most ex-pat friendly motorcycle store in Thailand. Your adventure begins at Ducati Chiang Mai so click here to request the latest offers on the Multistrada models: Request contact.



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