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Motorcycle adventure touring meets the world of MotoGP

At the beginning of October, DART Asia will introduce the worlds of touring and racing to each other with an incredible 12-day Ducati premium tour, which includes 2 days at Thailand's first-ever MotoGP race.

Desmo Adventure Rides of Thailand (DART) is based in Chiang Mai, a region that not only hosts some of the most beautiful motorcycle touring routes in the world, but now also enjoys easy connections from Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket with low cost flights such as AirAsia, Thai Lion and Air Nok. The American-owned, fly-and-ride DART Asia has 11 fully-equipped Ducati Multistrada 950 motorcycle, serviced and prepared from their sister company, Ducati Chiang Mai.

Thailand's debut in the MotoGP series couldn't have come in a more exciting season. The red-hot competition has seen 4 different race winners so far this year and Ducati's turn-around in the series sees the Italian manufacturer fighting back for the World Championship title.

But while Buriram may also be fighting to accommodate the thousands expected to attend the highly prestigious MotoGP event, DART already have accommodation booked for their unique tour, just minutes away from the circuit.

In addition, DART's MotoGP tour has special guest rider and ex 250 GP racer Jamie Robinson joining the ride. Now fronting the video channel MotoGeo, Jamie will join guests throughout the whole tour including the Distinguished Gentleman's charity ride and party in Chiang Mai the night before the main tour starts. The first half of the tour itinerary starts with 5 glorious days of riding, a 2 day rest at the MotoGP event in Buriram and then a further 5 days tour back to Chiang Mai.

Up for it? Then contact Dart while there are still places or if you're not into MotoGP, check out DART's full calendar of incredible tours.

DART Asia represents a unique fusion of Thai cultural hospitality and Western organisational know-how and safety. English mother-tongue and bi-lingual, motorcycle-experienced tour guides ensure that everyone has a great time and the Ducati motorcycles simply set an unbeatable level of style. As always, the stunning Thai countryside does the rest!

Contact DART Asia to join this tour.



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