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Latest DART Asia customer posts from

“This company has impeccably maintained Ducati motorcycles. For example, most companies use the cheapest, longest wearing tires on their bikes… And this means lack of grip at best. I had Pirelli Super Corsas on my Ducati. This tires are not cheap and they don't last long because they are sticky.”

“Another example, the luggage on the bikes (Scramblers) were made by Kriega, which I think makes some of the best luggage around, but again, not inexpensive. In fact, I think it is what I am going to use on my next big trip.”

“Thanks to the crew for making this trip a memorable and fun experience. After week of fun, we logged in well over 2000 kms on some of the best roads in Thailand and even in the world. I was skeptical about doing a tour because my expectations were set high and I can say, that the guys at DART exceeded my expectations. And the bikes get washed daily so your Ducati is always shiny!”

Extracts taken from forum here


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