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Ducati choose DART Asia as DesertX tour operator in Asia

DART Asia Tours are proud to announce being chosen by Ducati to operate the official Ducati DesertX Adventure Tours for Ducati Asia Pacific.

Designed to showcase Ducati’s new DesertX Adventure bike, the official Ducati 6-day tours will start from DART’s HQ in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and feature over 1000kms of DART Asia’s on and off-road premium riding experience.

DART Asia took delivery of 12 brand new, fully-accessorised Ducati DesertX motorcycles in February and immediately prepared them for the first event. Press from all over Asia flew into Chiang Mai for the first DesertX Adventure Tour, in which journalists had the exclusive opportunity to ride with Ducati Asia Pacific’s top management.

As the press flew out of Chiang Mai International Airport, full of praise for the DesertX and DART’s flawless operation, technicians prepared the bikes ready for the next group arriving from Ducati’s Taiwanese Distributor.

Ducati Distributors from India, Hong Kong and South Korea have already filled the remaining tours with clients. But Ducati are now offering an additional four tours for motorcyclists from all over the world to experience the fantastic new DesertX.

Ready for an official Ducati 6-day DesertX Adventure around the Golden Triangle region of Northern Thailand? The four additional Ducati events will take place late 2023 and early 2024 and are available to book with Ducati here.



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