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Customer Story: Found Heaven! True Freedom to Ride!!

If you are motorcycle enthusiast you know how one can do little justice to describe a journey so intimate where it touches your soul… Allow for mental clarity where you only see what I would describe as “Heaven”.

The hotel where Kevin and his team put me up is equally welcoming and pampering offering me the local tea and libations, clean room, and king bed... A quick jaunt out to a local restaurant provided some of the best Thai food you will ever devour!  

The first two days I took in the local culture and prepared for the Dream Adventure Ride of Thailand (“DART”).  The temples in this part of the world are integral to the local culture and kindness the Thai people portray.

Day one of the tour I met the team at DART where they prepared the Italian steel... Many models of Ducatis to choose from and also a few others if you so desire... Awesome inventory of 40+ bikes.  The team will be your best assistant and tour guide and will be there for every need and every question...soon to be your best friend!  For this 4 day excursion - a spontaneous abbreviated trip - we took out the Ducati Scramblers, mine was a finely adjusted Desert Sled, perfect for what I was about to embark on and perfect fit for me, 170 height.  We put on our protective gear and hopped on and the 7 of us were heading out of Chiang Mai to the East towards Nan, bordering Laos.

The incredibly pristine roads were open and seems like we were the only ones out for a ride.  The next ~300 miles were laden with twisties, off-road, and autobahn like conditions... Incredible diversity in the ride! I can see the professionalism from each member of the team and the accommodation they made for my riding style. I have been riding for 20+ years, own a few Harleys and a Ducati and easily found my style of cruising and fast riding aligned with the roads in Northern Thailand. Numerous espresso stops in these small villages, overlooks, and cities were fabulous!!  What is riding a Ducati without Espresso!!   Better than anything I have experienced on any ride in the USA... Throw in the Thai smile and you feel like you own the day! And you do!!

Kevin arranged a fabulous dinner at the local restaurant where you can dive into a authentic Thai dish or something more familiar to you if you wish... All with Thai smiles! Northern Thailand was welcoming us over the next 3 days with gorgeous weather, 23-31 C, endless views, 800 meters of elevation and valleys, and of course, Thai smiles!

On this particular trip we decided to make Nan our hub and do day trips that seemed to take us through a different part of heaven each day...incredible rolling hills as far as you can see... Numerous jaunts of 800 meters up and down several time a day... Mud slides and some small water crossings to give us the off-road experience... All with that unique espresso stop!! The 30+ villages we went through had their own identity and of course, Thai smiles!

After 4 days of visiting and driving through “Heaven”, I felt that no riding experience will be the same, nor should it be!  I ride throughout the USA and have experienced many beautiful places, many of which just cruising opens the mind.  However, with all the open roads in the USA and beautiful places none provides the “true experience” of feeling the “freedom to ride!”

As 2-wheel enthusiasts we are in a unique club that yearns for experiences where nothing holds us back. We want that simplicity of grabbing a backpack jumping on and let the road take us though a journey we can only imagine.  Northern Thailand excels in taking you on this journey; taking you to a place that transcends nearly a century of history, simplicity of life, welcoming neighbors, and most importantly the real freedom to ride to your capability.

Kevin and his team are the best of the best to ride with!  I know each one of them have riding skills that exceed mine yet they enjoyed the pace that I set for them, which was cautious aggressive with limitless fun and adventure!  Love these guys and gals…you will not be disappointed in taking a 7-day journey through Heaven!  Thank you Pepper, Mai, Art, June, and David for a memorable and safe journey!

How can anyone be disappointed with Heaven!!


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