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Customer review: “This is a motorbike rider’s paradise”

For one of the best riding experiences you can ever have in the world, you must go to Thailand and ride with DART.

Chang Mai is an easy city to navigate especially if it’s on a loan scooter provided on your arrival. It gets you in the mood for DART-ing in and out of traffic and getting comfortable with the Thai way of riding.

All the accommodation is superb with many king size bed and large rooms occasionally next door to pool and massage rooms.

But this trip is NOT about the superb accommodation and the unparalleled direction and help supplied by Kevin and Pepper with his local riding team David, Mai, Art, June and with Joe with the spare bike in the truck.

It is about the THAILAND ROADS.

If your heart’s not racing and you’re riding rhythm in time by the first stop, look out! There are many more corners and mountain roads that will get you tuned in.

This is a motorbike rider’s paradise.

I have ridden with friends in Europe and have thought that it was the best in the world. Wrong, THAILAND roads are the best.

If you’re interested in Temples and mountain scenery I think there was some of that as well but don’t look, you might miss the corner.

All the best to a great crew.

October 2019

Allan Smyth

Mildura, Australia



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