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Chiang Mai's Hotel for Motorcycles!

Imagine this... You live and work in Bangkok or Pattaya or even Hong Kong or Singapore and you love motorcycle touring, but the roads around you suck. Or simply having no garage is the main barrier between you and the bike you want to own.

If these scenarios don't take a lot of imagining because they are your reality, then you might be interested to discover the Chiang Mai Hotel for Motorcycles! Yep, not for motorcylists... motorcycles.

The Chiang Mai Hotel for Motorcycles is the third service area of the DART Motors organisation in Chiang Mai, after the official Ducati Chiang Mai store and the Desmo Adventure Rides of Thailand (DART) fly and ride service.

The Chiang Mai Hotel for Motorcycles is just 10 minutes from Chiang Mai International airport (CNX) and situated in the same facility as Ducati Chiang Mai and DART Asia, providing clean, secure and air-conditioned storage for your beloved motorcycle. And, like most hotels, there's a spa. Well... let's just say the package includes motorcycle wash and polish and pre-ride check (lube, tyre pressures etc)!

Add to this a storage area for your riding gear and comfortable facilities to change and shower and you soon understand that there's a motorcyclist behind the whole project.

American, Kevin Merrell, fell in love with the incredible motorcycle roads around the Northern regions of Thailand, exploring thousands of kilometres around the Golden Triangle setting up his DART fly and ride company. This soon made him realise that motorcyclists that own bikes in cities like Bangkok or Pattaya or internationally like Singapore or Hong Kong get a pretty raw deal. What was the point in owning a big bike in such heavy traffic and bad roads with no breathtaking scenery?

"With Air Asia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air flying into Chiang Mai there's no reason why you should suffer riding in the city," says Kevin. "Store the bike you love in Chiang Mai with us and fly here to use it properly! With so many beautiful areas to see, you can turn your weekends into mini-holidays and use your bike the way it was designed to be used."

DART liken their customers to executives that live and work in Bangkok, but moor their yachts in Phuket ready for the weekend. Instead of "yachts", think "bikes" and with so many low cost airlines serving Chiang Mai now, the Chiang Mai Hotel for Motorcycles becomes available to everyone.

Have a bike, but nowhere to use it? Check it into the Chiang Mai Hotel for Motorcycles and it'll be ready for you when you arrive! Request info here.

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